Does everyone speak like this?

I don't know if this is a Rhode Island accent or if everyone speaks like this
but here if we were going to say something like "Did you eat?" We say it like "Did ja eat?"


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  • Do you mean "Did ya eat?" or "Didcha eat?"?

    • No we say it with a J sound. So like "Didja eat"

    • So, like in the word "judge"? Sorry, I get confused sometimes because the j-sound in German is the y-sound in English ;-). (so for example "ja" equals to "yeah" in English). I don't know though... isn't that something everyone in the US does? Maybe some people say didcha instead of didja but the general tendency to turn "you" into "ya/cha/ja" seems to be pretty common. I've lived in Pennsylvania and they also said it that way but I'm not sure whether they said "ja" or "cha". In my mother tongue Swiss, we don't make a distinction between voiced and voiceless sounds (we only have voiceless sounds) so it's really hard for me to hear the difference between the initial sounds in "judge" and "churchill" (I know it sounds weird but it's sadly like that). Maybe the "didja" thing is just something they do a lot in the New England region?

    • Yes J as in judge.
      I haven't really talked to many people outside of New England, when I do I don't notice if they pronounce it like that or not.

  • That's definitely an USA east coast accent. Same thing as the suffix "-gle" being pronounced as "-goo", and the "-pa" suffix being pronounced as "-per".