UNDER 18's: would you rather learn about sex at school or from your parents/guardians?

the question of who should teach it comes up a lot, but no one ever asks the kids who they would actually prefer to learn it from.

personally, I preferred school. my mother had a very awkward, slightly confusing talk with me after I got "the curse" for the first time. if it weren't for sex ed in health class and biology, I would have continued to be in the dark on a lot of sexual stuff.
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  • Talking about sex with parents is awkward. -.-
    So I guess I will choose school, even though my school doesn't have a very good sexual education class.

    I just learnt most stuff on the internet.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I've already graduated, but I really wish more was taught in school. I also wish that American schools wouldn't separate boys and girls when they taught us about puberty. To just avoid teaching boys about periods just seems dumb.

    • I agree about the period part, but I think separating the boys and the girls makes them more comfortable with asking about things they wouldn't be able to ask in front of each other

    • That makes sense, i still think the boys would like to know the answers to that question

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  • I would prefer both, they kind of supplement each other. In school I get the facts, I learn what is happening and here about everything that I might have messed up on, if I didn't get warning then. Also it isn't as awkward as talking to your parents. With parents you can learn from there experience, and get a more relatable idea since it might sound realer coming from a person that a curriculum. This is only of course if your parents want to teach you.

    Unfortunately I don't think it will really matter who they here it from in the future because I am sure they will here much about it before then. Before I entered middle school I already kinds knew what sex was and what it does. This was from the internet, Television, word of mouth, etc. In the future, no doubt it will be introduced to kids much easier than in my childhood. The only job teachers and parents really must dois clear up everything they misunderstand, but telling them about sex itself will be a moot point.

  • Not underage but I learned from porn. Somethings I wanna try, some I don't, some i didn't even think was possible


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