What do you think of the law and attraction?

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Sorry, **Law of Attraction** I meant!!


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  • You mean the Law "of" Attraction? I think that's what you mean right? The law AND attraction? So confused sorry.

    The law "of" attraction is based on the idea that whatever we focus on we experience more of. For example, I'll focus on positive thinking and will subsequently experience more positive feelings and create positive behavior. This can be applied to relationships if you focus on the positive attributes of an individual or vice versa.

    If you meant the law itself, matheus_mb pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    • Yes Indeed, Thanks! I did meant to say the Law of Attraction. I must of been distracted when I wrote it lol. I see you have quite a good knowledge on the subject! Do you believe in this? If so, do you have any experiences to share?

    • Absolutely, I think for the most part it is true. I support thinking positively about previous experiences and current situations, but if you think positively about the future that's where it gets tricky. I can be as positive as I want about certain things that I *think* will happen or *want* to happen, but if I don't accept what is happening right now in the present... well, you can't always create self-fulfilling prophecies. :)

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  • No laws limit attraction, you can feel attracted to anyone. Laws forbid sexual acts in some cases, like the age of consent thing.

    • Laws limit attraction, yes indeed!

    • I think that laws can limit the way you show the attraction you feel. Attraction is a human thing, it can't be limited by law. And I'm not aware of any law that limits attraction where I live, it's just forbidden to have sex with people under 14, to film any kind of sexual thing with minors and to be a pimp.

  • No, since the law of attraction (as far as I know) counts circumstances, as in life general situations. Like if some life surrounding energy will make all the elements together to bring fortune/luck or unfavoring situations to you (no different than the Star Wars' "Force" lol)

    I would agree to it if only it referred to people, since certain attitudes/behaviors will obviously influence others and how they treat you. And even so, displaying a positive attitude doesn't necessarily mean someone will respond positively to it, considering jealousy, personal interest and general lack of empathy of others.

    • I see your point, It does make sense too. Great answer, Thanks !

  • I think some laws are bullshit and attraction is what it is- animal magnetism.

  • what does the law specify


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