Am I considered curvy?

Normally I would consider myself curvy, but lately i gabe stared to second guess it. I have big boobs, slim waist, flat-ish stomach, toned legs and a small/medium perky butt. But I dont have broad hips.

I see people refering Only women with hour glass figures as curvy. Am I curvy even without broad hips and/or dont have am hour glass body shape?

Velebrities that have about the same body type as i have: Teri Thatcher, Renée Zellweger, Audrina Patridge, Christina Hendricks, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba and Catherine Zeta-Jones
Im not as skinny as them, but I have almost the same body type


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  • Upload pics!

  • Hard to tell lol

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    • I know... I said Those celebrities have almost the same body type as I have. . Thats why I even brought them up

    • Well you're curvy I guess

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  • The question mark over your face is curvy, if that counts.

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