Girls, have you ever played hard to get with a guy that you really actually liked?

This girl I asked for her number said maybe but she kept on flirting with me like smiling every time she saw me. She might have done it because she thought that I was playing games when she use to hit on me, she made it very clear that she liked me. But I wasn't playing games I was just very shy. So have any of you firls played hard to get? And why did you do it? Did you get the desired effect?

  • Yes I have played hard to get when I actually liked the guy
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  • No i haven't played hard to get when I actually liked the guy
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  • When I like a guy, I simply can't play hard to get. It sometimes becomes too obvious that I like the dude cause I can't really hide my emotions. I mean, when I'm feeling sth, I just let myself feel it and I can't 'pretend' I don't like the guy for the sake of him noticing me or sth cause I simply can't do that. It's not in my power lol.
    Other girls tho tend to do that for some reason. I guess they just believe guys are gonna want them more if they play hard to get.


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  • Nope.. my friends say i have "no chill" when I like a guy. I should try playing hard to get tbh

    • No you shouldn't guys hate it so much

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