How to block "You have not give the most helpful opinion" messages?

also. what happend to the "GAG Community" option when slecting categories?

its annoying having to click MHO everytime. And no, there's no GAG Community option in category. I checked and didn't missed it. It just wasn't there.


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  • There is no way to block or stop those messages. They are sent in increments to remind you that they need to be chosen. Make your picks, and you won't get them anymore. I know you may not feel like any answer was that "helpful," but just make a pick as to what was funny or something instead.

    I still see the G@G Community topic as well. Perhaps you skipped over it.

  • You can't. System messages are automatically generated. If you pick your MHOs, you'll stop getting the messages.

    I see the G@G Community topic in the question page and the topic drop down. Maybe you just missed it?

  • I don't think u can tbh


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