What do you find unexpectedly beautiful?

Do you have any perfectly ordinary thing (s) in which you find a weirdly sublime beauty, that others don't see?

Here's what inspired this question: For me, there's a weird beauty to being on a freeway on-ramp after dark, when there's a decent amount of traffic (but not enough for a slowdown). It's hard to explain, but, going around the curve and starting the merge, there's just this mesmerizing beauty to the other lines of red lights (the cars already on the road), taking shape in my peripheral vision.

Same thing, to a lesser extent, for watching 2 or 3 parallel lanes of cars make left turns (right turns if you're in the UK/India/Aus/NZ/Japan/etc).


I also like watching plastic bags float through the air. You call it litter, I call it a dance.



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  • I find unexpected beauty in the dark where ever I am. Usually when I am in the car on the mountains where I live, and the trees thin for a few minutes and I can look to my side and see the other mountains, the houses and buildings, the bright orange and white lights. Then the sky seems as if it is a blanket of darkness draped over the trees in front of me, and when the trees are gone the blanket has been lifted so I could see this glimpse of the world around me.

    I also love the plastic bags flying in the wind, I've loved watching that happen since I was a child. (A few days ago I sat on the curb watching a bag float around the stores and move as cars passed)

    • (: Nice!

      I also like anything that involves things blending seamlessly. Like, 2 sidewalks full of people, emptying into 1 larger sidewalk. Or traffic merges in Medellín or Tokyo or Beijing or Mexico City (Americans SUCK at merging, lol). Or a confluence of rivers. Or or or.

      (This is where I get all sappy and talk about my and my man's lives... Cut scene, take 2)

      But, especially the human examples of that. The sidewalks and traffic and so forth. How there's like 11,000 spontaneous decisions per minute that people aren't even thinking about, and how ALMOST ALL of them are SUCH GOOD DECISIONS. Like, really. Ever feel depressed about humanity? Stand on the corner of 34th and Broadway and just watch people figure shit out. Figure shit out for themselves. It's the George Patton school of thought on education ("Give 'em a problem and let 'em solve it themselves").

      I think that's why I like the on-ramps the best, because it's that, AND darkness, AND monochrome, AND speed AND cars. <3

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    • Have not seen. What happens w/bags? Any significance?

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  • Sure I've had tons of those moment.

  • Sports and dancing

  • Fire... watching fire dance.


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  • My stretch marks on my hips, I love them and think they are gorgeous they tell a story.
    A bowl of multi coloured candies

    • "My stretch marks on my hips, I love them and think they are gorgeous they tell a story."

      I like this answer a lot.

      What is it about the stairs? I run stairs, a lot. I like them too. I like to look down the center and get a bit freaked out at the vertical drop.

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    • Texas girls are killer, lucky man he is😉 And ahah I didn't know it was that bad, apparently I'm terribly uncultured. I definitley don't want to live there now , especially with the sideways rain.
      And yeah you could truck there ^.^

    • Yea, Nunavut is not the garden spot of the world, BUT THEY HAVE BEAR-SHAPED LICENCE/-SE PLATES.

      (Yes, the NWT has them too, and all of that was the NWT before '99 anyway, but, let's not go there.)

      Bear-shaped license/-ce plates. And sideways rain!

      Nice to "meet" ya, girly.

  • you're definitely a fellow deep and abstract thinker. I love spotting people like that around here.

    • Ya think? LOL I'd describe myself as vain, shallow, and a totally concrete thinker.

      Especially the concrete thinker part... I mean, just look at how I come spoil the party on questions like this one:

      Srsly girl, I am no fun at new-age-bullshit gatherings. I been like that since day one. I remember when I was 7 years old, already questioning vague memes like "good for you". Whaddya mean this food is good for you? Good for whom? When? Doing what? Bla bla bla. I am def not an abstract thinker.

      But, now you got me fascinated, as to which bits and pieces are givin' ya that impression. Do tell!

    • really? well i just thought anyone who sees beauty in everyday things like that would be, but fair enough.
      anyone who can question and examine the world around them in an uncommon light is someone i consider a deeper thinker than the norm. of course i could be wrong, but when it comes to things like this, not to brag but I'm pretty good. not everyone comes up with thoughts like u just described.

    • (:

      You get me, on the on-ramp thing, tho?

      I never explicitly noticed it until I lived in Tokyo for ~2 years, then came back to the states and got on one of those ramps for the first time in about 22 months. It really was a sublime experience.

      It made me wonder how many more of "those" there were. Moments of beauty, mb even deep enough to make life worth going on living... that I would never notice. Or, conversely, how many things SEEMED significant but weren't.

      I didn't have a ton of friends as a kid, so, I was also more in tune with this sort of thing than most people. Like, the lyrics to that RHCP song "Under the Bridge"? Totally feelin it. Some of my best friends growing up were freeways and streets and bridges and shit. LOL

  • I love my boyfriend's long eyelashes & big nose. His nose is literally his mother's.

    • I KNOW RIGHT? God has a cruel sense of humor, giving boys all the long luscious lashes.

      I mean, I know SOME girls with naturally long eyelashes, but most of them look like they slammed their face down on a pair of spiders. LOL

  • Yes the plastic bag thing you mentioned, i saw someone make a video about the plastic bags floating around and they put background music to it which increased the beauty of something so simple, it was amazing and i love seeing leaves blowing upwards into the air by the wind has a certain beauty to it, or gracefully falling so effortlessly to the ground, like you said it's like a dance but then nature has the the best timming.