Should I start an anime club?

In my last college (Highschool) me and my best friend started an anime club, Although it's disbanded now. But should I start another one in my next college? What sort of stuff should I do? Have any of you guys ever made an anime club? How did it go?


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  • I like anime but I wouldn't go so far as to make a club about it. But I dunno maybe it's an anglo thing.

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    • Usually the only clubs we have in schools are ones teachers make like creative writing club, or homework club, but I managed to get permission from the principle. Of course we still have things like sports teams, except for some reason we didn't have a swim team or do swim sports.

    • Well we have it like that as well. But either way, don't go around making a club until you're positive that there will be other people interested in joining. You probably need more than a few people to go ask the principle.

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  • Yeah it would be awesome!

  • Sounds interesting. I never have been a part of an anime club, but it they had one at my school I'd totally join.

    • It was really popular at my last school :D it was funny because me and my friend were the only year 9's in the club, the rest were seniors so we were kind of scared to take charge of the club even though we started it :D