Does work feels like eternity?

I've already been years working in call centers, either making calls or answering calls. I'm now a translator but just hearing the phone ringing for 10 hours feels like eternity (esp if the calls are very fast).

Hopefully, I'll eventually get out of the call center business one day and be my own boss even at a small business.

Nothing changed. I'm still just a subordinate that'll probably never get promoted.

I'm getting to a point in my life where work is making me kind of exhausted. Every single job I've applied to is a call center.


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  • It gets better in time

    • No, it doesn't. Call centre jobs suck and the only way it gets better is if you leave and never do it again.

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    • That's true MaskedSanity. It's not getting better. Even as an interpreter it's the same thing, it's a call center. I promise to myself this is the last call center job I'll ever do if I were to get out of it.

    • I don't mean sticking in call centre jobs, but look for something better and perhaps a stepping stone towards something better

  • Yes, Get out of that asylum ASAP.

    • I will once I save up a lot of money. Hopefully in my 30's I'll be out of that already.

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