Should I feel guilty my grandma passed away?

My grandma passed away Wednesday. I was at the nursing home with 3 cousins my dad and my aunt for 3 days. All day till 2 am. Family was welcoming for 2 days. The last day they turned on us really fast and felt uncomfortable. ( two faced back stabbers) so I stepped out for a half hour, to talk to a friend to get comfort. My phone had a text, but I thought it was my boyfriend being more of a douche so I ignored it. Well it was my dad telling me to get there but I didn't know till he came out to tell me she was gone. So I feel guilty, because I wasn't there. My dad was alone in the room, my cousins were in the lobby spying on my phone call, my aunt left for the day.. I feel so guilty even tho I said my goodbyes already.


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  • Don't be so hard on yourself. Her son was there as she left this world. She was not alone, take comfort in that.

    • My father is her grandson she was my great grandma. But thank you. I am glad someone was with her

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  • The Most important Thing was You were There for Grandma, @ashely1996, and with the cruel and unjust redrick that happens a lot during a loved one's passing with 'Backstabbers,' don't feel bad, it happens a lot.
    My own sister is feeling Guilt for not being with Grandpa when he passed away one Friday night. No one knew he had gone into a coma until the next day and it has weighed heavy on her heart and mind for five years.
    Don't put your own self through the living hell that you should have been there when Gramps passed on to the next world. If it was Meant for you to be there to hold his hand, God would have made sure of it. You did what I know Gramps would have wanted you do and that is to 'Get comfort' on another End, my Friend... And he didn't die alone like my grandpa did.
    Good luck and so sorry for your loss. xx

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    • Thank you. Happy early birthday to your grandma as well.

    • Thank you, sweetie.. my God, where does the time go? xxoo

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  • No one else was there either and you said your good byes already, it would have even more sad seeing the life leave her body so don't feel guilty

    • Thank you, dad is happy he was there. I think my cousins blame me too.. But you're right.

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