Did anyone else get a school threat warning?

I looked on my phone and saw it,

i went to go tell my mom but she already knew and told me not to go

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  • You are the First on GAG to Blab..
    However, @xoGxDub, with Terrorism at its All Time High, Tell Someone Any way, it could Save... The Day.
    Report This First to your Principal so they can Report it with the Police Department who can do some Investigating And... File this as Something that One never Knows how Goes.
    "If you see something, say something." This Goes for All GAGERS.
    Good luck. xx

    • It sounds like the warning came from the school because they received a threat. If so, the school and police already know about it.

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    • I'll try and be safe.. but you never know...2016 may be the worst year of our lives

    • Please, do.. this Hit home with me when it happened in Philly of this deranged terrorist who sided with ISIS...
      It already Is off to a bad start with This, along with the Dow. xx

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  • Well we all go to different schools and most likely different states as well, but I didn't get one. My state isn't as well known as Cali, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Texas and some others so if its terrorists it wouldn't happen bc they'd target the more famous states.

  • Yeah, my university was closed one day because a threat had gone viral

    • yep
      there was even a threat at our college
      many police officers swarmed... i mean it was on the news and everything

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