Do you think copyright terms are too long?

Currently it's creator's life + 70 years in the US. After that, the work enters public domain. I think it should enter public domain right after the creator dies unless specifically they asked for it to be passed down to a certain person/establishment/etc. Because this way we only get to enjoy very, very old works for free. Right now, works of people who died in 1946 are in public domain. Many people say you need to pay for art so artists won't starve when you say it should be free for everyone, but a dead person doesn't need money.


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  • Absolutely. This would add to the variety of music in movies, and allow things to be built off or retold in a new way. Prime example: Sherlock is public domain, if it wasn't, we would miss so much.


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  • You have pretty good and valid points, I didn't know they lasted that long


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