I got a problem?

Me and my friend and his sister played spin the bottle and we played seven minutes in haven and I landed on one of us has to be naked it was me when I took off my clothes she looked away and couverd her eyes she says but I said it is fine to look if she whants to and then time ran out but what must I do next time I see her or say and what must I do if she whants to see it again and I am three years older I remember her as a baby?

And it was her dare
I am 13 and she is 10


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  • Silence is Golden, just keep it to yourself. Don't keep drumming up what was a 'Dare' if you Care about her, let it go.
    It may be Awkward to see her again, but I think in time, with age, it will just fade away.
    I am Not seeing her 'Wants to see it again' unless she realizes she likes You and 'Likes' what she didn't get to see the First time.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Ok how old are u and how old is she?


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  • media.giphy.com/media/bQYwIx0wvg8sE/giphy.gif
    Dude... that was so wrong. You're already under 18 and you're saying she was even younger than that? Of course the kid is going to look away. You just made the situation unbearably cringe worthy and uncomfortable. What you have to do next time is apologize.

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