Is he a jerk or something?

I just realized this person who I had a 5-minute crush on deleted me from facebook. I don't understand why.

Not sure if he's arrogant because he's good-looking or what. He kind of knows me so...


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  • ehhh waht?

    • This guy who used to tutor me deleted me from facebook. How rude

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    • Yeah. That's so rude. Why would you delete someone for no reason.

    • actually no. I got a few people deleted and deleted some myself cause they anoy me and I felt anoyed by them. overall fb has no value and having friends in real life doesn't mean having them on facebook

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  • Eh... Don't worry about it! I say have some ice cream... go for a walk... Talk to someone about it! Watch some tv! You'll forget about it. To many bad people to focus on just one.

    • I just feel like... when I was being tutored I was sort of demanding. But I was never really that mean. Now I as though he only cared about the money

    • Yeah... If we were in person I take you for some ice cream!!! Just let it all out. Take a nap. maybe in a week ya feel much better. Or maybe a month.. Sometimes i take years haha! Or, just ya know focus on homework and talk to other people about random stuff.

  • Why are you even spending any time caring? You had a "5 minute crush"
    Focus on your REAL friends.

    • I saw him today. He was acting weird. I was peaking at him out of the corner of my eye, and then finally when I looked at this girl he full on stared at me it was weird.

      Before going too I could tell he was waiting until I left.

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    • I'm confused. I thought we were friends.

    • Apoarently not. Stop wasting time thinking about him. Focus on your real friends.