If you could, which celestial body would you explore?

Literally anywhere. Even if it was a planet that was too dangerous for humans, such as venus (all of the acid rain) or mercury (too close to the sun). Your choice doesn't even have to be in our solar system. The universe is your oyster, so to speak.

I would stay close to home and visit Mars, one of Mars' moons, or Titan.

I'm just going to list a few planets/moons on the polls but your choices are not limited to the poll.

  • Earth's moon.
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  • Mars.
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  • Jupiter
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  • Saturn
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  • Pluto
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  • Uranus
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  • Other celestial body
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This is a hard choice! Venus would be interesting, because it has canyons, mountains, valleys, volcanoes, plains, etc. It's almost like exploring another Earth... with acid rain and super dense atmosphere.

    I know it's impossible, but I would love to visit it all. Or, send spacecraft to observe in more detail so I can research and learn more about the various planets and moons. Not just in our solar system.

    • I agree that Venus would be very interesting to explore and study.

      Thank you for your fantastic answer.

    • I saw a show once where they tried to recreate what it looked like below the surface. It was both beautiful and scary, but still really fascinating.

      Not a problem. Thank you for MHO!

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would explore Uranus lol jk

    Well, if I could I would go with the next Space X mission to Mars. How cool would that be? :)


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