Does this mean it's a no?

I had asked a professor to consider changing my grade, because well it wasn't accurate (like it actually wasn't). He said he couldn't do it.

I asked him to think about it and get back to me. He agreed and said I should accept the decision. I felt happy knowing he'd consider my case.

It's been a week. No response. Does it just mean it's a no? I thought he'd rpely back and say there's nothing to be done even if it's a no.


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  • Bring it up to him and tell him why it's concerning you. He may have forgotten about it. If the grade is not what it really should be, that's something that has to be dealt with. If he absolutely cannot change the grade for some reason, ask him why and he should be honest about it and tell you the reason.

    • I met with him for a good amount of time explaining the situation, he was reluctant to change it. I asked him to think of it and get back to me, he said okay, but he hasn't gotten back

  • You need to write a letter specifying exactly WHY your grade is wrong and send it to the dean of students. It has to be specific, not "I wrote a good paper" , but "he marked my paper incorrectly when he said I didn't blah blah blah. As you can see I did blah blah blah correctly according to blah page blah blah."


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