What should I do when my boyfriend is upset?

Me and my boyfriend were watching the first Jaws movie. He doesn't watch them he's terrified of sharks. But there's nothing else good on. I told him he can close his eyes or look away when the shark comes on. We saw the first part where everyone was at the beach a boy was eaten alive by Jaws he closed his eyes and hid his face in my chest. He watched it again after it was over. He's not feeling very well I told him he needs to drink water but he doesn't want to right now especially after watching this. I seen all these movies a million times I'm not scared of them I love them they're one of my favorites but I'm older than him I don't get scared easily. I would tell him it's not real but he wouldn't believe me because he saw on the news that shark attacks do happen. He saw one earlier this summer at the same beach in North Carolina where we stayed last year even had our beach house on tv a kid got her arm bitten off by a shark they said it was like a scene from the movie. He said they happened all summer everyday now he's even scared to go back to the beach. He said if we ever go back to Carolina he's not going swimming. He said he's gonna have nightmares tonight. How can I comfort him?


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  • Tell him to grow a pair. It's a movie shark, it's not gonna hurt him.

    Do you have to check for monsters under his bed too?

  • Damn, you could troll better.