I'm going to a anime con and I don't watch anime pls help?

In like a month I'm going to this anime/ manga and japanese culture convention and let's just say I don't watch anime or read maga but I thought that this could be a fun adventure with my friends and also I'd like to learn more about that "world" 😛

So yeah I wanna prepared a little and I need your guys help, like what animes should I watch what should I know and any other helpful tips you got pleas tell me. thanks in advance ❤️


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  • I got you. You don't really need to watch all these but be familiar at the least with everything on the list.

    Dragonball Z ( you should have heard of this)
    One piece
    Tokyo ghoul (wierd show, just know what it is about)
    attack on Titan

    Now those are going to be the biggest of anime.
    There are plenty more but you it's not as bad if you don't know of them. Now go to kissanime. com and go to there list of anime, make sure it is sorted by popularity, and from the first couple pages pick one that catches your eye. You don't bjave to watch the whole show but it should get you familiar with other popular shows. Do this a couple times and you should at least recognize the major things at the convention. At the bare minimum, like if you only watch one episode of each and read a summary, you can do this in a night. If you want to go deeper than that, want more shows, or details. Than message me.


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  • Naruto, fairy tail, noragami, FMA (and FMAB), hunter x hunter, death note, the list of good ones go on. But I think if you look up specific genres you may be interested in that may help you find ones you'll actually enjoy. I use Netflix and crunchyroll for apps, and gogoanime for watching on my computer. But don't worry about not knowing too much when you do go, no one expects you to be an expert! Just have fun :)