Is this sad or a good thing?

This professor of mine, he did a computer science degree and a PhD and now he's in his mid-30s. I just feel so bad for them.

It's like the time just goes by in school and then they're already in their 30s when they teach and before you know it 40s... I wonder how that must affect them.


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  • He's an accomplished man, and he makes decent money. You don't need to feel bad for him.

    • I don't know about the money part.

      I can see a trace of what he must have looked like when he was younger and I can bet he was good-looking pre-30s

  • Beleive it or not, being in your 40s and 50s is not so bad.

    • I agree. But I think what I was getting at is they don't have the luxury of experiencing what a normal 30 year old goes through.

      I'm thinking 22 year old undergrad student, works as an i-banker, then travels, then starts hsi own business, then starts a family, thats all before he turns 30.

      And then there's the PhD student who likely got a chance at none of that

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    • No I meant they do not marry people who are academically their equals. I've seen this in quite a few examples.

    • I knew what you meant. I was trying (and failing) to shorthand it.

  • Huh? What are you talking about?

    • The time factor. They spend so much time in school they don't hav ea normal life

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    • But they're old. As in, they teach the same course over and over again and they grow old doing that how is that not depressing

    • They may love it though. I wouldn't. You apparently wouldn't. But we can't speak for them. They may love it.

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