Why am I so boring?

Nothing makes me laugh, nothing brings me joy. I usually look sad as shit and I can't really change it.
I'm trying to change and feel positive towards the future but I just can't. What can I do? My doctor tried to get me on anti depressants but I really don't want to go down that route.


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  • There's a lot of negativity surrounding antidepressants, like people who take them are weak or something. But depression is a disease. Telling yourself to be happy doesn't always work, as I'm sure you know. I myself have seriously benefited from antidepressants.
    If you still don't think medication is for you, try reevaluating. What you're doing right now isn't working. Change your surroundings--your job, the people in your life, your everyday activities. Move if you have to. Find friends that make you smile, or better yet, laugh. Having struggled with depression I can tell you that the only thing that has worked for me outside of medication. Change.

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