Is it common to believe you are a terrible person even if most people do not say you are?

Like what's wrong with me? Lol

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  • I wouldn't say it's common (it's definitely the exception), but sadly, it's not incredibly rare either.

    And 99% of the time, people who think they are terrible people really aren't, but they've had some legitimately terrible person (or people) TELL THEM, either outright or through implication, that they are a terrible person, and so they believe it even though it isn't true. That's mental/emotional abuse, and the fact that you believe it is part of the damage that was done to you.

    Much like someone who was in a car accident and broke their leg, the broken leg is a symptom of something else (the car crash), and it isn't your fault - but you still have the damage, and that damage requires professional care in order to heal properly. If you had a broken leg and didn't get medical help, at the very least it wouldn't heal properly, and at worst, it could kill you in various ways (infections, blood clots, etc.)

    Mental/emotional abuse is likewise not your fault, but you still carry the injuries, and you still need professional help to heal - and avoiding that help, or not cooperating with it (i. e., like the broken leg person cutting off their cast before the leg had healed) is only going to prolong the injury.

    No, it isn't fair that you have to deal with this injury, at great pain and expense, but that doesn't mean you can still have a wonderful, productive, fulfilling life. You just need to do whatever it takes to get the help you need, and to put some trust in the professionals who are trying to help you. If it's difficult and painful and scary, that's normal and to be expected (setting a broken leg is often the same), but it's also part of the healing process and will make you much stronger in the end.

  • I'd say it's a common problem humans face, it's what makes us move to make a change for the better.


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