Do I love this celebrity too much?

My entire life I have had OCD and I would obsess over anything that I liked, but recently I discovered this band and everything exploded. I can't stop thinking about the lead singer and I love him even though he's over twice my age. My friends and family are sick of hearing his name and their music. All I can think about is what my life would be like with him. I don't listen to anything but them. Most of the pictures on my phone are screenshots of him and I have physically hurt people over him. I will burst into tears during certain music videos or songs and my mom is legitimately worried about me.


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  • Go see a doctor

    • Fucking thanks, that's great.

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    • i hope you're happy for making a teenage girl cut for the first time thanks ily bye <3

    • No I'm not and I didn't make you do fuck all

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