What would you do?

(This isn't a movie i thought of this off the top of my head when i was bored)

There was a crash between a mom and a man

The mom had 2 kids, 2 daughters and they both died in the crash.
The man and woman were in the hospital with minor injuries

While they were in the hospital you were putting the case together seeing what happened.
You came up with this
The mother was going through something and had deep depression, she had a history of suicide attempts,
and mental issues.
the mother decided she couldn't take life anymore, but she didn't wan't to leave her kids behind
so she planned to take them with her.

And this is the story you gave in court, the mom was sentenced to life in prison as soon as she recovered.

You felt good about solving the case, you went to go see the man she hit, in the hospital.
and he seemed to be doing fine. He asks you to go to his home and check on his house, lock doors etc

So you did, you were in house everything looked clean, you looked out the window to his backyard
and saw he buried something, you were being nosy and decided to dig it up.

It was a picture of the woman who hit him and 2 girls with her.
a note beside it said "If i can't have you nobody can,"

You were in shock and realized it was her ex husband, she didn't hit him, she was trying to escape from
him, he hit her, and tried to kill her and the kids...

You drive back to the to the hospital to confront the man, but he's gone, the doctors said the man said
"he wanted to say hi to his wife"
You realized what was going on.. he was going to the hospital his wife was in to finish what he started.

What would you do?


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  • Oh hell nawl! Thats crazy creepy!! I mean you tried to do your part in warning the woman, but after that failed, i'd leave it alone. I'd be afraid he came after me next haha

    • hahahaha part of me would want to help but the other part would want me to call the police, let them hendle it, and book a flight

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    • Start with what you got so far. Its really good

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