What should I do as a friend?

So a little about myself. Im very loyal to my friends- at times i feel like i should stop being so loyal and stop being there for my friends because they are not 100% there for me.

My really great best friend once she got a boyfriend 3 years ago she became distant and now we never hang out or talk a lot like we used to, we only meet when the whole "squad" meets, i do love her but we are not so close like we used to but its ok because im doing good.

Well the thing is that at my college I've become very close with this one girl and she is awsum and fun and we get along really well. There is this one problem though.
Last summer she got a internship at this really great place, and i was happy for her, i did wish i had gotten one but i was trying my best not to be the jealous friend and i just patiently waited and prayed for my day to come. I dont like being jealous at people because i want them to be happy for me when i get something good in my life so i try my very best to be happy for them.

Well this friend of mine was never very humble about her internship, she would brag every chance she got and would basically shout it to the whole world, and it did bother me but again i kept myself calm and reserved and didn't say much and just prayed for my day to come.

Now i have a internship.. i started last year and it all happened all suddently. I went to a event with this friend of mine and next to me sat a lady who needed a intern and bam i got it and my friend did help me by talking positively about me.

Now this friend of mine is depressed and mad and sad and bitter.. because she might lose her internship after January because the company doesn't have any work for her to do.
So she's all bitter and i feel like she's mad at me.. and throwing shade at me. Here the other day she was like oh i should have taken your internship.. i was like wth?
Like i dont go around bragging about this internship.. i go thank god everyday for it and im so blessed to get this oppurtunity and here she is all mad at me and bitter for not maybe having a job.

I also think she wants me to ask my boss if she can work there to..



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  • Yeah you are right! Don't get too involved with people, its the best thing.


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