My girlfriend has an intense fear of oceans, what do I do?

I'm a guy who has a passion for surfing and I plan on taking my girlfriend with me over to the beach in Miami, Florida for our next summer vacation. The problem is, she has an intense fear of oceans. What caused her to have fear of the ocean is hearing so many scary stories about piranhas (which is funny because pirahnas are non-existant in Florida oceans), stingrays and sharks. She's afraid that some wild sea animals will eat her. I really want to surf at this beach so bad but it's not fun if my girlfriend won't be enjoying her free time over at the beach with me.


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  • She doesn't have to get in the water. Piranhas are a freshwater fish that live in the Amazon river. The others though are real.

    • Even if there are Sharks and Stingrays in the ocean that I'll be surfing, it's not like they automatically attack me or my girlfriend for no reason. They only prey on smaller sea animals, unless they've mistaken us for one.

    • A stingray would only do something if stepped on. Sharks though have attacked people at beaches. Why can't you let her have her way and not get in the water? This is selfish and insensitive of you. She has a phobia and you're not willing to respect that. Shame on you