How would you feel if you find out one of your parents was a former school bully?

Just found out my mother was and the main one at both JH and HS. Had no idea. Unlike the typical stories of the bully ending up at Burger King or other meager jobs, ironically my mother is a child psychologist.

I'm shocked to be honest because I could never picture my mother as a bully. It's like that would be off her character.

Edited:I don't think she ever made contact with the girls she picked on with her friends.

Another thing is she has always been an intellectual too, high grades, high scores on standardized exams and described by others as a laid-back, smart and kind woman.


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  • I'd laugh and say: "You have changed"

    • true... I guess if she changed and know it's wrong then that's good enough, even though those girls she picked on will likely never get an apology.

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  • People grow over time.
    You have to think, we are talking more than two decades ago or more.
    The mind is something that molds and develops itself over time.
    I'm even so different today than I was 5 years ago.
    Your Mom had a wake up call somewhere along the line and I am glad for her!!!
    It'd be hilarious if one of her clients were her bullies.

    To answer your initial question,
    I'd be in shock!
    Because my Mom during my childhood did nothing but try to build me up with self esteem and treating others in a respectful way.


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  • I'd be proud that my parents were as alpha as me.

    • yes, she's an alpha woman alright... I'm just impressed that having it all back then (she was and has always been a very smart student), no issues at home nor low-esteem problems, she still bullied others.

    • Some people just get a kick out of it. I bet she still bullies your dad ;)

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  • I'd be just like you: shocked. Neither of my parents strike me as the bully type. They're more of the class clowns if anything.

  • It would be disappointing and lose some respect for them.