I have never had a boyfriend, I feel lonely I want a pet to love me?

I was scared of animals, I still am. Even dogs and cats and all. But I am feeling too too lonely, I want a pet who I can cuddle and play with. But I am scared of them biting or barking and is that licking bad oe what? I am confused between buying a puppy or a kitten, will it be tough for me to buy a puppy or a kitten when I am scared of it. I want something way less hairy and cute.

And also some puppy/ kitten that doesn't grow much big in size. How about a chihuahua?


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  • A dog, any size dog needs someone who will dominate it. If you treat it like a toy or a baby you will have a badly behaved dog. Basically dogs need someone to be in charge and if you don't fill their idea of what being in charge means they think they have to be in charge and this is very stressful for them because they are just a dog and don't know what they are doing.

    A cat never has any real respect for humans so they are safer if you have a meek personality.


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  • I'd recommend you try to get comfortable around animals before purchasing (or even better adopting) one. As mentioned by others you definitely shouldn't get a dog if you are scared of them, you won't be able to raise a balanced, happy dog and so you probably have to deal with a lot of behavior problems down the line when they are not a cute little pup anymore. (they also need a lot of time and attention and exercise and aren't cheap)

    You could try going to an animal shelter and see the cats they have for adoption, that gives you the chance to be in a room full of cats and interact with them, see how you do, without having the obligation to adopt one.

    Other nice pets may be rats, now don't freak out, rats can be awesome! Very cute, playful cuddly pets, very smart too! But once again get comfortable around them before committing to anything.
    If you are scared of an animal and you bring it into your home you might eventually just neglect it because you are too scared to interact with it and that is not fair on the animal nor on you!


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  • I wouldn't recommend a dog or cat if you are afraid of them. You can maybe look at fostering some animals as a type of exposure therapy. Talk to the people at the shelter about your concerns.

    I always say adopt don't buy but dogs are a lot of work and they will pick up on your anxiety and become chronically anxious so I'd say please don't get a dog.

  • If you get a puppy, theyre so loyal and it's up to you to train him/her not to bite and bark- its actually fairly simple to train dogs as long as you have the time and patience. They're so loving and I love dogs!

  • I would recommend a cat but you need a cat with eight personality I would adpot go down to the shelter and find a kitten or cat that warms up to you

  • Maybe you could get a bunny instead?

    • She's more likely to get bitten by a bunny than a cat.

    • @sjoes006 Maybe but cats are more creepy if you're scared of animals. I've also been scared of animals before. They walk around the house silently and suddenly just show up somewhere staring evily at you. Rabbits are in their cage until you take them out. You can sit and pet a cat and have it attack you all of a sudden. Rabbits don't normally do that. I have 1 rabbit now and had one before and never got bitten so far. However I have been attacked by a cat. My friend has been bitten by 2 cats but never by her rabbit.