Yout most hated singer in the world is tied up on a chair, and he/she is defenceless. (Read further description below)?

U have to choose one song of his/hers... and torture him/her up from its start till its end... he/she's DEFENCELESS he/she won't do anything... I'd suggest u to choose a long one... so u can enjoy it more... hahahaha...

U can even put out cigarettes on his/her skin... or burn their skins wid hot iron... it's up to u to choose their torture... but everything's gonna stop after da song's over...

So which song of his/hers would u choose? Trust me there's no worse thang for some to get beaten up under da sounds of his/her OWN songs...



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  • There's no reason to beat someone up/torture them just because I don't like their music. That's just sick thinking.

    • it's not only music... it's about personality as well... don't u hate some singer's personality? Oh c'mon don't be a saint... there's someone who u might hate...

    • No there isn't someone like that I hate. I hate some people IRL that I have a real reason to hate. Not some singer I don't even know.

    • by default...

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  • As you asked this question I am just imagining Kim Kardashian stranded on a desert island with no food, water, or people around, and me sitting on a giant yacht taunting her while I eat 5 star cuisine. Every time she begs me for food I tell her she is a stupid whore and feed the food to the sharks instead of her. Eventually I would leave on my yacht and no one would hear from her again, and I would have made the world a better place by leaving her on this desert island.

    That would be pretty fun. The scenario you are describing is too intense for me though, not really feeling it.

    • nice hahaha... although she';s not a singer... but nice idea...

    • I despise her more then any singer, so I wouldn't torture a poor singer, only this waste of space.

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  • Making them listen to their own music seems like torture enough for me...


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  • I'd pick Taylor Swift, and I'd have the best quickie of my life.

  • I'm not a disgusting monster so I'd let them go...

    • I hate it when people r hypocrites... not even a single slap?

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    • Oh boy... no need to get so uptight huh?

      It's a fun question first of all... and hypothetical...

      For me u r just being afraid... and not brave enough to beat up someone...

    • No not hurting someone you hate takes more guts than to do it. To do it is just to give into your own selfish desires.