How can we stop being stuck in time?

I'm tired of being stuck in time. I need to get out of this warp.


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  • What exactly do you mean by being stuck in time?

    Is it that you feel powerless while having to wait on certain things?

    • Stuck in the past.
      Not being able to move forward from something that happened 4 years ago

    • I understand what you mean.

      It is hardly ever easy to move on from something big that happened to us, but it is never impossible. Whatever it was that makes you feel stuck in time, it is possible to learn to live with it. One of the things that van help you get through is taking each day on, one by one.
      If you can, talking to someone you trust can help you deal with that thing that happened too.

      It is hard to help without knowing what it was that happened. Of course, you do not have to talk about it on here, but I do think it may help to get it off your chest one way or another

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  • Stop smoking meth...


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