Where did white people come from?

My teacher said in class that the first woman was a black woman and he said she lived in Africa. Where did white people come from?


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  • We all come from Africa and adapted to our respective environments. Race isn't actually. It's a social concept.


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  • Races as separate biological spheres do not exists, skin colours are a result of adaptation. When Homo Sapiens moved into colder areas to live their skin became lighter in order for their skin to be able to absorb the crucial amount of vitamin D from the limited sun in colder areas. But now we have vitamin supplements and vitamin D added into our food, we also get produce shipped to us from tropical areas of the world so it isn't just up to our skin to get us all the vitamin D we need anymore! Skin colour is just a phenotypical aspect of an adaptation.


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  • Humans have evolved around the Victoria river in Africa because the climate and environment was ideal for evolution. As people lived well, they reproduced fast and a lot, like rabbits. When the area was overpopulated people have fought. The stronger remained around the river and the weaker ones got themselves another place to live. This happened again and again till people couldn't go to any other place than Europe. Because Europe is a cooler (in general) continent, white skin has evolved for survival reason. And this is how you get white people. ^ยท^

    • And this is a person that still believes in the ''out of Africa'' fairy tale.

    • @TheFlak36
      I have said that humans were first in Africa. ๐Ÿ˜‘

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