Is it weird that I sometimes regret being a girl?

I'm 19 years old and everytime I see guys ages 12-17 out playing soccer and having fun. I just stand there watching from the window wishing I could be out playing too. I feel like all my friends are more into getting together and having lunch and just going to the mall or stuff like that and I'm over here thinking bout playing out and doing outdoor activities πŸ˜‚


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  • Being a girl does not exclude you from things like football or other outdoor activities! There are lots of sportsclubs for women who are serious about the sport. As a girl, you do not have to conform to the traditional stereotype of going shopping and all that stuff. Do what you feel like doing! No one can tell you that you aren't "allowed" to play football or do anything else for that matter

    • Yeah you're right but sometimes I want to have fun doing this outdoor activities with my friends but I can't as much because they are not that into the stuff that I like but I also want to hang out with them. You know what I mean?

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    • Lol one time I actually got them to play and ummmmm yeah they got tired really fast πŸ˜‚ and woah really? I didn't know that 😨 I will look that up and thank you ☺️

    • No worries and have fun! ^^

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  • Definitely not. I wish I were born a guy like every other day lol, and it gets worse with time. Mostly it's when something goes wrong that is related to being female - menstrual problems, sex-related problems, and career related problems. Men have more stamina and opportunity to chase their dreams whereas women usually need to start a family near the peak of their careers, at the risk of being frowned upon. But that's just the way life planned it, and at the end of the day, I'm still happy to be a woman... We can be fabulous and beautiful and strong and achieve just as much, if not more, using our unique sensibilities and cautious nature. Of course I'm generalizing and do not speak for all females. Oh, and find a good guy to be with; I can't stress that enough!


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  • How can you regret doing something that you had no control over?

    • What I meant to say is that I feel like sometimes I would rather be a guy lol

    • Just go play football. No one is holding you back but yourself.

      If it's because it's only boys playing then go and find a women's football club; That will be easy enough.

  • We should meet someday then :P
    What else can I say cause it's hard to find a like you 😢


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