Why do people tease me/others about dating me?

So instead of explaining I'm just going to tell you my 3 experiences

1- This guy in my class joked about loving me and marrying me.

2- I was sitting near these guys I know and they were saying how one of them have a crush on me and that I should date him. Then the guy himself was like "Yes I love you" but I can tell it wasn't in a serious way and they were joking around.

3- These girls tease this guy Luke about me being his girlfriend. And whenever they see me they go "Hey it's Lukes girlfriend" or they something like "Why don't you go sit next to your boyfrjend" and if I'm talking to another guy they go "OOO You're cheating on Luke!"
And no Luke doesn't actually like me, not even as a friend.

I feel like all of these are like "Oh let's tease you about dating the ugly unpopular girl"


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  • You are beautiful, nothing about you is ugly,
    and they're immature... one day if they remember they'll look back and be embarassed,
    plus they shouldn't play with liking someone likes its a game.
    Just try and get through this, i know what you feel being unpopular and all but they're just childish and one day none of that will matter.. they will probably see you in college being successful
    while they're with a drunken boyfriend #kharma

    • thanks for mho

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  • I think they like you and are immature.

  • Sometimes people do weird stuff.
    Don't take it to heart.


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