Are we broken up?

I have a boyfriend but I met this cute guy in physics class in November and we started texting. Me and him slept together and my boyfriend found out on Wednesday. I tried texting him but he didn't see it. Yesterday at school he wasn't in class and I asked his friend and his friend said he dropped physics. He's above average in physics. Why would he drop?

Was it because of grades or because he didn't want to be in a class with me and that other guy?

  • He didn't like the class it has nothing to do with you
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  • He dropped because he didn't like the class and you cheating on him was also part of the reason
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  • He dropped because he didn't want to be in the same class as you
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Does he think I'm a slut? Why didn't he tell me he will drop the class? He told his friends. I'm his girlfriend


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  • Yeah, I hope that guy dumped you because you didn't mention if he did. I hope all guys steer clear from you to be honest.

    • Does he think I'm a slut?

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    • You don't know me.

    • Trust me, I don't even want to know you... I will do whatever it takes to not know you actually.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Calculate mass x velocity for yourself. Calculate mass x velocity for him. Add these vectors together.

    Did you get zero?

    If so, that means your relationship was going nowhere anyway, even when you were together.


    I bet I just made at least one physics nerd totally fall in love with me, right there.


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  • It may not be official but I think it's safe to assume he will not want to be your boyfriend anymore...


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  • You cheated I'm pretty sure it's over

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