Have you ever had near-death experience?

I had a few near death experiences, most are caused by my major depression which lead me some very dark paths with Tylenol. But most reason near-death experience was Today. January 9th, 2016 to be precise.

We got snow uphere in Canada, but the weather outside was +7 celcius (44.6 farenheit). So I desited to take my Honda CBR (motorcycle) for a spin, before I put it away for winter and disconnect the battery as well as raise it on it's stands.

The ride was pretty good, the road was not the best with ice/snow close to the curves on the road and the road being wet from yesterdays rain. So while riding and doing around 70 kmph (43.5 mph) I accelerated to pass a slow moving car infront of me, while merging back I did it too rapidly causing my bike to loose control and go into a fish tailing, this happened since my back wheel lost traction and continued to slide, forcing my bike into a 34* degree angle on a two lane road, somehow I managed to regain control.

Last thing I remember is holding onto the handles with all my might while maintaining the speed, since if I hit the brakes I would have went crashing.

This is my near-death experience for today. Has something ever happened to you just as crazy or crazier?


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  • Yes I have. I drowned in a pool! I was very young.

    • You mean drowning... Unless you actually drowned (your heart stopped) and you have to be pumped back to life. Pools are scary places :|

    • I meant I lost conscious!!! And felt exterme pain! and I was like 7 and I use to believe in fate and god or whatever but I no one came to save me. I hit the bottom. I basically felt like i couldn't breath but I kept thing at least now I will know the mystery of death.

    • Eh. I'm sure one of this days I will get to see the grim reaper and walk with him/her to some other places while cracking jokes (assuming he/she got a morbid sense of humor). All I can say is stay safe, drowning is shitty way to go, better than being burned alive, but still shitty as it could result in brain damage if you're saved, but your brain has been starved, being a veggie ain't fun.

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  • i nearly drowned in a lake

    • Oh boy. I nearly drowned at age 13 in an ocean, went bit too far and the waves kept covering me, and I could not reach the seafloor. I know that feeling man.

    • yeah it sucks so much the panic is the worst part

    • Yep. I was trying to somehow jump back to shore, but kept getting pushed back. Lucky that I'm still here today, somehow.

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  • No, but I almost got hit by a car a couple times. I don't think it would have caused death though. Anyway all instances were at a crossing. One time I was crossing at the pedestrian crossing, and a car was approaching. He was a distance away and I thought he would stop (he had time to and he's meant to anyway). But he didn't and if I had taken one more step he would have hit me, it was so close. He waved at me as if to apologise, I'm almost sure he just somehow didn't see me. Wasn't concentrating I guess. Another time at another crossing but with more people. Several people were crossing including myself, the light for pedestrians was green so we had the right of way. But some guy just turned and almost drove right into me. He stopped so close to me, and some other guy shouted at him lol. I've had other times but this is what I can remember for now.

    • Had a car fly past my face literally 4-5 inches away from me, while I was crossing a controlled intersection (lights) and the person was distracted and went on a red light almost hitting me.

      Had car's cut me off on highway and on a duel turn merging into my lane, not paying attention that I'm there.

      Had a car touch my right foot while I was riding my motorcycle, the fucker began to merge into my lane, pushing me into the median dividing the incoming traffic.

      There is no excuse for DID NOT SEE. If you have a 3-6 ton car that can easily kill or fuck someone for life, you have to pay attention if you don't you can hurt someone pretty badly, so there is not excuses for being a brainless retard behind a wheel.

  • Waaah! That's crazy! Thankfully you are safe.
    I wouldn't drive a motorcycle with how bad the street are nowadays.

    To answer your question, yes I almost drowned in a sea because
    the wind was strong, and I lost balance when a high wave hit me from the back.


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  • Yep, an oil tanker almost crashed into my ship.

  • Yeah once i got stuck with my fingers between a ping-pong table. It was awful. My fingers crushed, still have the scars.