Is this a good way to get back at her?

My cousin posted a picture of me where I look bad just to make her feel better about herself.

I want to comment this:

"This popped up on my notifications eons ago.

I do find it interesting that I look essentially nothing like this in real life lol. But hey, it was your birthday (happy belated birthday by the way), so whatever makes you feel better sweetie :)"

I really don't care enough for it except that I don't want others to think badly of me if they see it.

Ah, jealous bitches never be resting.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Let. It. Go.

    Seriously, who gives a shit?

    • About her?

    • Abou that particular incident. It's miniscule on a scale of importance, and petty as far as human relationships go.

  • Simply ignore her.

    Be the bigger person, if someone meets in in person they'll see how you really look.

    • No, I am so tired of her idiocy. She has done enough things that I have let go

    • Forget her, she ain't worth the hassle.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you respond she'll feel good because she'll know she got to you

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