How much is cocaine where you live?

How much is sniff in your area per gram? And where do you live?
I'm in South east England and good stuff goes for £100 per gram but most do £40 wraps which arnt very good quality.


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  • This one guy I used to know got 13 years for it.

    • Wow that's harsh. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical companies make billions from selling harmful drugs legaly.

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  • How the hell would I know? I am not some whacky junkie.

    • You think only wacky junkies use cocaine? Lmao oh dear, we have a sheep.

      Do you drink alcohol?

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    • Anybody can run a bullshit Google search. Why don't you search the risks and effects of alcohol, then see how many alcoholics there are compared to cocaine addicts.
      Like I said, you're a sheep.

    • A little while ago I pointed out that i said "a" beer. Took a while but it finally penetrated your haze. Looks like your mind dropped it again. Moderate alcohol consumption is considered a glass or two a day. I said one a long time ago, but lets say I have one a day. I already listed the risks of cocaine use, so here are the risks of moderate alcohol use found by doing the search you suggested.
      The risk of lower cardio vascular disease due to increased HDL
      The risk of a longer life. One university study found the risk of death lowered by 18%.
      The risk of reduced Erectile Dysfunction by 25-30% (Journal of Sexual Medicine)
      The risk of helping prevent the common cold.
      The risk of being 23% less likely to develop cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's Disease.
      The risk of lowering the chance of Type II Diabetes.
      The list goes on.
      So there is the comparison or risks for moderate drinkers which is even more than I drink. Played your game and you are the sheep (or goat). Good night.

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