Can Commitment Phobia be cured without therapy?

Some people are not aware of their phobia until being pointed out.

If they take the initiative to buy some self help book can they really cure it? Or can't?


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  • Admitting the phobia is the first step, self help book can help as long as they stick to it and have some support.

    I'm guessing you are trying to help your man? Be prepared of ups and downs, be accepting and encouraging. Good luck


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  • What is wrong with people who don't want to commit to a relationship?

    • Commitment phobia? Lol

  • I wouldn't be surprised if a phobia can be cured. I know my phobia comes and goes and I don't have any therapy.

    • How do you overcome it? What do you do when you feel the urge to run from relationship?

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    • Definitely if they can afford it therapy is the best

    • Alright.

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