How do I get it through to a girl that, money, is needed, even if you think it isn't?

I see some questions on here, by women saying "oh I don't care about money"... months later, "im pregnant, and single, what do I do"? Yeah, money matters


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  • Of course money matters. But women aren't going to be so upfront about it. There's too much social judgement behind it. Just like women WANT to have sex as much as men, but they're "not allowed" to talk like they do because they suffer WAY MORE social judgement over things like that.

    I recognize that many women have great careers and have no need for a man's money... but this doesn't stop them from avoiding guys who are broke and who will become financial burdens in a relationship.

    So basically I've always accepted that money matters even if women say otherwise.

    But you likely won't hear too many women acknowledge it.

    Money is basically a sign of a guy's ability to provide resources, in an unspoken way. And women FEEL that even if they don't say it in so many words.

    That's just my opinion...
    ~ Robby


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  • I'm also one of those people who think that money doesn't matter. I think what MOST people who say this (including myself) mean by it is not that you can live completely without it. What I and most other people mean by it is that apart from a certain basic income, money is not something we consider important. For example I'm a very anti-materialstic person in many aspects. I very, very rarely buy new clothes (once a year or sometimes even less than that). I wear a lot of clothes that I've already been wearing 5 or even 10 years ago. The reason for this is that I don't care about clothes and I think it's silly and superficial to care about fashion/clothes. For me, it's simply something you put on to not be cold in the winter and because you're not allowed to walk around nude. I can't see any other benefit or purpose in clothes. Similarly. I don't buy a lot of new technological stuff. When I buy a computer or a cell phone, I take great care of it and keep it for a long time (my PC computer has now reached an age of 12 years and it's still running and I'm very proud of it). So what I mean to say by "Money is not important for me" is not that I can live without basics such as food or shelter, it means that in my life, money doesn't play a big role. I don't need a lot of material possessions to be happy. I believe most people who say money doesn't matter mean to say this.
    Of course, become a mother or father changes this a bit. It's not possible to live quite as cheaply/humbly with a child as it is when you're single or living with your girlfriend/boyfriend. However, I would also argue that some people overestimate the amount of money you need if you've got a baby at home. My parents were very poor when my older brother was born. They really didn't have much and they had to count every buck, especially because my dad was still in education and my mom had to provide for the three of them. But they still made it. And once I was born, my parents started to do much better financially. My dad once told me "a baby doesn't cost you much - except time and nerves". And I think that is quite true. It's only when a child becomes older that it really starts to cost you money. A baby or toddler doesn't need thousands of toys. What it needs more than anything else is love and attention. And finally, if you live in a country where the government supports young parents financially such as me, things also become much easier.

  • If they're under 23-24 it's normal.

    If they're your age they're delusional.

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