Is being so open about my mental illness a bad thing?

Some people says its giving the public too much info while others say its a good thing...

Im not ashamed of it... Its something that was beyond my control!

Id rather my future partner know whats up then hide it from him and all of a sudden he gets freaked out when something unusual happens...

It also lets me know who cares enough to want to be in my life reguardless of my illness.

I dont think its a bad thing do you? I have nothing to hide... Im a lovable person and yes i do scare a lot of people off but there are a lot of people also that love me reguardless. And they see the beauty in me rather than the illness. Im different.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Be open sure, just don't peddle it.

    • what do you mean?

    • I think some people let conditions define them, when you meet them they keep telling you about it and you're like d00d I hear you, but that not all there is so can we talk about something else now please. hahah

    • lol you're right

What Girls Said 1

  • No I think you're more responsible and as you said don't waste time getting close to people who are flakes. My aunty married a severely paranoid schizophrenic who hid it from her and spun long stories about how he was being wrongly medicated and bullied, he ended up beating her up and getting sectioned. I 'm not saying that your illness is as severe but just an example that misleading people can cause a lot of damage especially if they have no idea how to behave when someone is acting out or being reclusive.

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