Seems that many people do not like me... I was wondering for your opinions?

I always had this problem that whenever i tried to talk to someone i get shuned by them for some reason to me unknown, and while i am optimistic and pretty happy and cheerful person in nature, it really hurts me, many times. But , i try to hide it, and try to stay as polite and friendly as i can. And, it seems like a never ending situation. Like a cyclic situation, actually. And, because of insults i have been getting for as long as i know about my appereance (even on street) (it's the guys usually) and about my character, too, i have started to doubt myself worth so much. Sorry guys for my bad English, it is not primary language for me. I just wanted to see your thoughts on why this is happening. Greetings to all!


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  • I can't exactly say what the precise issue may be without observing your interactions with others or knowing more about you.

    Don't overestimate the value of being liked by others. I have too much food on my mind to compose these thoughts a certain way so I'll just be blunt. Humanity is a fucking mess. Many people in this world simply do not have high quality thoughts. This means that if you truly looked deep down into their soul and saw all of it, you would probably be disgusted and/or disappointed. A lot of people would not be in your corner if your house burnt down. They would stab you in the back if it meant profiting off of your pain. They would find loopholes around using a moral compass and not give at least one chit about how it effects others. So looking at the big picture, not being liked by many people means less funerals you have to attend, less nonsense you have to navigate through, and less wolves in sheep's clothing you have to worry about. None of us are perfect and we are all works in progress but trust me when I say that you are estimating far too high of a value when it comes to random strangers whom you may not even truly like.

    If you construct more of a solid confidence and truly love yourself in addition to really falling in love with life then carelessness will set in when it comes to being liked.

    • Thank you for this long answer. It seems pretty realistic.

    • You're welcome lol I know it's lengthy but it seems like when people have an issue that's really bugging them, longer answers are more comforting

    • For sure. Thanks again!

  • Maybe ur annoying or people just don't give a fuck its life u learn to deal with it trust me


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