Why can't I just get over her and not think about her?

I've literally turned all of my love (if it was love? not sure, never experienced it other than this time) and turned it into hate. It's the only thing I could have done, I seriously had strong feelings for this girl and that's not normal for me, and she didn't feel the same way. She said I was cute, and we've talked about some deep stuff. But she said we're too good of friends and wouldn't want to mess it up, which I'm sure is bs but I've tried so hard to get the real reason out of her and all she says is I don't know. So we didn't even date, but it damn near feels like a breakup. We hungout everyday for like a year and did everything with each other. I just want her out of my thoughts and out of my dreams. I usually think about her a couple times a day randomly, but I usually don't dream about her anymore. But I've dreamt about her 2 days in a row and I'm sick of it. I've already taken her out of my life completely, but I can't get her to stay out of my thoughts...


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  • I'm afraid you're going to have to go through a breakup phase because whether you two were together or not you has those feelings and they were shattered. Each some chocolate, some ice cream, and watch a few romantic comedies. In two weeks you'll probably feel like yourself again, or something close to it.

    • Lol I haven't seen her in like 5 months, and she still crosses my mind. And that sucks, because it's just really weird feeling like you broke up, but actually never dated. I feel like I can't even relate to people who have actually broken up, because they at least dated at some point. I could have probably hooked up with her at a earlier part of our "friendship". Actually I know I could have at least once, but I didn't initiate because I wasn't sure about if I was even attracted to her. But she's used me, and all of my friends. It was to get closer to her ex and he didn't want to get back with her, he found someone better. But she's used all of our feelings at some point, I just hung out with her daily and they didn't.

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    • It's hard to go back to the way things were before. But you'll get better and life will be better without her in your life. Best of luck and thank you

    • Thanks, and you too

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