Have you ever thrown a turd or used toilet paper towards someone else?

Hahaha... during a fight back in school near da restrooms... I've thrown a trashcan filled wid used toilet papers towards a then-classmate of mine...


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  • No, I have not but I have purposly positoned my ass so my turds slide down the toilet bowl in public toilets and leaves skid marks. A nice present for the next guy that goes to use that stall.

    • hahahaha...

      I'd love to see their reaction...

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    • Yes it does. I would think it is awesome if a girl told me she had done that. It would make me think more of her.

    • Thank you for MHA.

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  • I've thrown horse poo at my siblings if that counts

    • Really? of course it counts... hahahaha... how'd she react?

    • They found it both gross and funny

    • hahaha... at least they didn't scream...