Why do I replace 1 obsession with another?

Why do I replace 1 obsession with another? Whether it's food, men, tv show, a friend. I always get fixated and obsessed. Not to the point of physically stalking them but I become obsessed to the point I want to know everything about them. I cyber stalk. I think about this person/thing all the time. I daydream about it. If I like a food, I can eat it everyday. If I like a song, I'm playing it over and over and over. I've even obsessed over friends. Not in a lesbian type way, even though I question myself, it's just I sometimes admire a woman, her beauty, her style, her aura and then I become intensely attracted to her and I want to know everything about her. Now these intense thoughts of mine keep me from actually living out some of my daydreams. Sometimes I have gotten close to the person I obsess about. My obsessions can last for years. I recently got over and obsession with a crush of 4 years. Now I am obsessing over someone else. Now keep in mind, in the mist of my obsessions, I'm living my life. I go to school, I work, I date. This guy I'm obsessing over is older than me and I never wanted someone as much I wanted him. Even in the past, no obsession has been this intense. Sometimes I even get sexual intensity. Why am I like this. I can literally spend my day thinking about him all day. I'll talk to myself in my room, imagining he was there. I have even masturbated at the thought of him touching me. My imagination is running wild and I am getting older. I've always been imaginative but now this is just bothering me. It's like I don't want to stop obsessing over him. I find joy, comfort in obsessing over him. I crave closeness. I think that's my problem. I've never been close to anyone other than family and my 2 best friends.


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  • Probably because you don't have much interest and hobbies in life. So you dedicate more time into each obsession u have. (:
    Same thing with me, I kind of have this same problem u do. At the moment I'm obsessed with smartphones, apparels and having a girlfriend. And I instinctively feel that I never want to get out of these obsessions albeit I know their unhealthy.


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