Does anyone know about emulators?

I wanted to download some rom hacks but don't know how


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  • I think you're asking a very tricky question, as ROMs and emulators are a kind of legal gray area.

    If you flash a ROM from the original game that you, personally, own, and are playing the game on an emulator for a system that's not readily available, then it's legal.

    If not, then you're asking for advice about an illegal activity, and as such, I can't provide you with any advice, I'm sorry.

    I'm not trying to be an ass; I just don't want to see you get in trouble (account suspension) for pursuing this question.


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  • I reckon unless it's for some old console games, don't bother to do it.

    Like GBA, NDS, PS2 emulators would be fine, but even on a formidable pc, anything above that will be kind of lagging and bugged.

    • Just NES, snes

    • That might work actually.. you usually have to browse through internet and download torrents till u find the right one, try piratesbay

  • I used some kind of nintendo emulator to play old video games once.