Do you think most likely most men who have no Thai or Flipino heritage that travel alone toThailand or the Phillipines on nonbusiness trips are pedos?

Human trafficking of minors is such a huge problem in those countries. It is known that so many pedos specially from the United States and Europe travel there to do sick stuff.


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  • No I don't, I know one mate who goes there because it's cheap and its fun for him. He goes with his mates sometimes and others just to enjoy. A lot of people in general go there to have fun and yes others go there for the wrong reason because it's easy.

    • Did you miss the part where I said ALONE and not with other people.

    • yeah i also mentioned he did go there SOMETIMES with his mates- other times he goes alone. Some people just like it there, find it easier to meet girls LEGALLY, and friends

  • Yes. enough of them are.

    • Answer my question though. Do you think most likely MOST men with no Flipino or Thai heritage that travel alone to the Phillipines or Thailand on NON business trips are pedos?

    • I don't know if 'most' are. I would guess yes but can't say for sure. however, enough are that its a problem and it keeps rapists in business. its not just pedos but guys ok with raping women, period. young or not.

  • I think pedos goes in groups too