If someone brought up their famous family members, what would you think?

If you were having a conversation with someone and they brought up their famous family members because you guys were talking about something related to that) what would you think of them?

  • Nothing much, they just mentioned it because it was relevant to the conversation
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  • They're proud of them
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  • They're attention seeking
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  • Other
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If you think they're attention seeking, would you mind explaining why?


Most Helpful Guy

  • If it was just once, and I asked more about their famous relative, then I would not think anything negative about them. But if they kept talking about them, I would see that as attention-seeking and piggybacking off of their relative's fame and success.


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  • It really depends on how they brought them up, if it was just casual then I wouldn't really care and know they'd just say it because it was related to the subject.


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  • If they did it once it's nothin but if they keep doin it is feel like their tryin to stunt on me

  • nothing one of my uncles is a famous soccer player so its no big deal


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