Isn't it pathetic when certain people would hit for only being made fun of or during petty arguments?

Or for much less? I've recently been reading here two posts of someone hitting their partners during either an argument or because they got made fun of and so their ''ego, pride got hurt.

- One post was a boyfriend that slapped his girlfriend during a petty argument. If someone is able to get under your skin so much and successfully get that reaction from you, I can imagine if it was a real life crisis situation or much more serious argument.

- Another post kind of similar but the slapper was a girlfriend. According to her, the guy was making fun of her during an argument or something she was trying to make her point. Same thing... someone manage to get you under your skin and by doing that, you've showed your real colors. Plus, she even justified it too by saying ''he was making fun of me''.

If that's all that would take someone to hit, then they're not relationship material and it's likely that's how they're react on every single argument, when something goes wrong or on a real crisis.

In the end, I think the winner is the person that succeeded in getting a reaction from you so that way he/she can now tell everything what type of loser you are and how you would react during argument or stressful situations.


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  • I guess so

  • It's not pathetic, it's kind of immature when people behave in that way, if both are discussing, but one argument is more invalid than the other, the only thing that BOTH HAVE TO DO, it's to stay in calm and get agree.

    • Indeed and if it's too much of a hassle, I don't see what's so difficult about walking away or simply staying calm? By reacting that way, they already showed their true colors of how they would react on any argument or stressful situation.

  • I don't condone it really but sometimes people ask for that shit. lmao

    • *yappin fo a slappin, cruisin fo a bruisin! hahaha

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    • while it's definitely not fun at all and have never been in that type of relationship (I would walk away and file assault charges if a boyfriend were to even spit at me), in the end what on earth do they solve with that? They're still going to run into other people they won't get along with either.

    • I hear you, I do, but you need to remember you're not always gonna get justice, plenty of people get socked every day and the cops can't do anything about it. Also they might not go round hitting everyone who disagrees with them or who they don't get on with, the person they hit might have just crossed the line and crossed it thinking they were safe, other people might be wiser.

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