When you beat up someone do you actually enjoy it or you do it because you have to and there's no other choice?

Hahaha... of course I enjoy it... hehe... just like brushing off dust from sofa's cushions...

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  • I never attacked anyone but I have defended myself and added a few hits so they wouldn't be able to get up for some time. I did it because it was a requirement and I enjoyed doing it. I took martial arts and I love fighting.


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  • I have ever beaten anyone, but if I ever had to, it would be for self-defense which means I would have no other choice.

    • I believe most people would happily batter someone to death... it's just law dat they r afraid of... if law didn't exist for just one day then millions of murders would occur...

      let's not hide it but we r a savage race... ;)

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  • I beat up a dude when I was 15 because I beat him at basketball and he sucker punched me in the back of the head. Beat the shit out of him, actually when I stopped the side of his eye looked like a bubble on a pizza. It was terrible. He tried to get some of his buddies to jump me after that but it didn't go down. Anyway a couple years after that we ran into each other and have been friends since.

  • I've never beat up anyone and I've never been beaten up anyone and that's the way I like to keep it.

    • how come? not even in school?

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    • Yes, in some instances I do because I firmly believe that culture does matter (along with other factors such as social class). I'm not racist but it is unfortunately a fact that certain cultures in Europe are much bigger troublemakers than others. People from the Balkan region are one of these groups. I grew up with a lot of kids from these countries. Another (more recent) group is people from middle eastern countries. There weren't many of them in Switzerland when I was a kid but now they are. I know it might sound wrong but these people really cause problems. My girlfriend is Korean and she never causes problems. I have British and Italian and Swedish and Chinese friends and they never cause problems. It always boils down to the same cultures that cause problems (of course not all of these people but more than from other cultures). One reason for this is that societies in the Balkan region and the middle east tend to be organized in a very patriarchic and hierarchic way. Parents of

    • these kids tend to be much stricter, especially dads. Some of these dads have rather militaristic way of bringing up their kids, including beatings if the kids is unruly etc.. On top of that, many of the foreign kids during my childhood came from Albania and the Kosovo, where they had experienced the brutal civil war, extreme violence and poverty first hand. Many of these kids were traumatized and some of them now transformed this trauma into violence against other innocent kids.

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