My ex said he can't be my friend anymore but still "worries" about me, what's that supposed to mean?

My ex's new girlfriend isn't too thrilled about us still talking. We have a lot of history and we stayed friends after things ended but sometimes we still fight about things from our past. He told my friends to tell me that he couldn't be friends with me anymore because he wanted to focus on his relationship. But then he also said he's worried about what things will be like for me when he's no longer around (I have depression and he's been there through the hard times). He said he doesn't like not talking to me and doesn't feel right leaving things on bad terms but yet he blocked me on everything.


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  • It means he cares about you but not as much as he cares about his girlfriend. She probably made it clear that she didn't want him to talk to you and he chose her over you. It doesn't mean he doesn't care, it just means his relationship takes priority and that unfortunately means he can't be your friend anymore.


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