What is your Dream Iphone?

New features you want to be added.
Things that are annoying in the current ones.
Be creative, it doesn't have to exist (yet)
Best content (More content+Good content)= MHO
If you could change the mute button what would you change it to?
Anything from size to acessories, any new features.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1 one that doesn´t need itunes to put stuff on it
    2 and one that isn´t ridiculously thin but in turn dies after 2 hours of playing games.
    3 one that doesn´t have a fancy new charger again so you can´t charge it with everybody elses charger
    4. you´ve stolen the pull down bar and stolen multitasking so why don´t you finally steal homescreens and widgets?
    5. the app store is the only superior thing to androids playstore BUT it has growing quality issues that desperately need work.


Most Helpful Girl

  • id like a phone that can help me teleport or one i can use as a projector. [apparently those exist now].
    id like it to be able to play music REALLY loud, and have the camera quality of one of those pro ones :P
    a phone where Siri actually understands what I'm talking about would be nice.
    ooo and a HUGE memory. like 50GB. :D
    loving the gold iPhone, so id get that colour.

    I'm asking for too much aren't i? lol :)

    • lol definitely not too much

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  • I don't have dream!